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"If you cut glass, we'll cut your costs."

HP3's premiere product is BatchBan, the glass industry's first Batchless Optimization Software for your glass cutting equipment. This means it was designed to cut costs and improve the profitability of anyone who is in the business of cutting glass.

With BatchBan you can:

  • Eliminate production batches
  • Improve glass cutting yields
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Do on-the-fly remakes
  • Optimize real-time use of equipment
  • Keep downstream operations running seamlessly

Better still, BatchBan can be run on all major equipment manufacturers' glass processing lines, so it can be used throughout the industry, regardless of existing equipment.

Features Benefits
Eliminates the need for production batches Can schedule an entire day, week or month's worth of production
Improves glass cutting yields Minimizes waste; Eliminates the poor yields associated with the last few sheets in a batch of glass
Minimizes work in process Prioritizes cutting to fill the first rack, then the second, and so on; Provides downstream operations-(in this order) washing, seaming, tempering, assembly, shipping-with a steady flow of glass racks, reducing the need for in-process inventory
Eliminates storage of offal By not generating a last sheet with a poor yield, there is no need to store any offal lite. Uses available offal at the first opportunity
Produces recuts without special handling Creates a recut with a simple "point and click"
Provides instant remakes of matching glass The system automatically cuts the remake on the next available sheet
Generates recuts and remakes with maximum yields An on-line optimizer generates recuts and remakes with a minimum yield loss

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