Future Products

HP3 is currently developing new software to address other problems that exist in the industry:

Batchless Tempering Furnace Optimization Software

This product will allow our customers to save time and money on their tempering operation by optimizing the tempering furnace's throughput, and minimize the amount of energy it consumes.

The software accomplishes this by:

  • Maximizing the use of the furnace's bed-space by optimizing the way in which each individual piece of glass is placed onto the conveyer.
  • Decrease the amount of energy used by the oven by grouping pieces that use similar temperature settings together to minimize the frequency of temperature changeovers.
  • The software further increases the system's efficiency by allowing the user to change the pieces it works with on the fly, in the middle of a batch. This is accomplished by implementing the well known and time-tested BatchBan® batchless-optimization algorithm. There is no more waiting around for batches to finish, because there are no batches anymore. The algorithm allows the software to quickly adept to the changing input, while making sure that the throughput does not suffer horribly. This makes the processing of remakes and rush orders much more efficient and less costly.
  • When used in conjunction with our BatchBan cutting optimization software, this process can automatically revert remake-pieces to the cutter for instant re-manufacturing. No more lost remake pieces, no more trucks standing around waiting on a single piece of glass.

Plant-Wide Optimization Software

Engineered from the ground up to provide robust, dynamic production floor scheduling. It will allow management a real-time view of order status and production flow and will provide customers with fully configurable turnaround time of production orders with its patented dynamic process control algorithm.

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