Revolutionary Software for the Flat Glass Industry

HP3 Software helps make flat glass fabricators more profitable by cutting costs throughout the entire operation by optimizing glass-cutting yields, reducing waste, improving processing flow and scheduling flexibility utilizing lean manufacturing principles.

We've done this by developing batchless optimization software that revolutionizes flat glass fabrication by doing what no other software package can do. Our software:

  • Optimizes the number of pieces that can be cut from a piece of flat glass then identifies the scrap that remains after cutting and stores it so that it can be used in later cutting patterns.
  • Completes the first harp or A-frame first, so it can move onto the next process as quickly as possible, then completes the second rack, the third, and continuously brings in new racks that are in the schedule.
  • Schedules remakes on the fly. If a piece of glass is broken, it reconfigures everything that's currently in process and adds the broken or damaged piece into the next available cutting pattern.
  • Works with any major manufacturer's machinery.

Overall, HP3 Software can provide up to a 20% yield improvement in operations. This means that using our software, manufacturers can run more glass through the process, get more capacity out of existing equipment, improve on-time deliveries, reduce costs and increase profits.

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2591 Wexford Bayne Road, Sewickley PA, 15143
Phone: 724.933.9330 Fax: 724.933.9377

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